Centrum Ogłoszeń Regulations

1) Service Centrum Ogłoszeń is meant for businesses, institutions and for private people.

2) It is prohibited to post advertisements conflicting with the law and social etiquette.

3) Centrum Ogłoszeń reserves the right to analyze and correct any content posted by the users if we determine that it is insulting, illegal, vulgar or dangerous in any way to others.

4) Centrum Ogłoszeń is not responsible for the content of the advertisements posted by the users, and for any damages that may have been caused by them.

5) The rules of publishing may change without any advance notice.

6) A user posting an advertisement at Centrum Ogłoszeń agrees that the posted email address is used as a mean for contacting the user.

7) All users are personally responsible for any contacts made through Centrum Ogłoszeń. Centrum Ogłoszeń will not be a mediator for settling any conflicts between users.

8) The use of our service is at the user's own risk. If you are not sure about posting your information at Centrum Ogłoszeń, please do not use our service.

9) Posting of multiple advertisements with similar content (spamming) is prohibited.

10) Centrum Ogłoszeń reserves the right to remove any advertisement without providing a reason.